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The Different Types Of Software

The world is going digital with each turning day. This can be in no small part attributed to the ever developing technology in the world. With each passing day new inventions are being made and they are making several operations in the world to be more efficient and easy. One of the major inventions that was made in the world was the computer. The computer was made a long time ago but over the years massive developments to the computer to make it better and faster in its operations while also making it smaller in size so that several things can have a computer integration in their systems. Computers are divided into two parts that is the hardware part and the software part. The software is very important as it contains the instructions which the computer operates on. These are the instructions that more or less drive the hardware part. The development of the software of the computer has moved hand in hand with that of the computer as the two are reliant on each other.

The software can therefore be defined as a set of instructions that are stored digitally within the memory of a computer and they are the ones that inform the computer on what to do. As seen above the software is more or less a general term as there are different types of software that can be differentiated by their design and the function they perform. There are different ways one can look at different types of software and the first criteria of categorization has the system software, the utility software and the applications software.

The system software can be defined as software that is used to manage and control the hardware components of the computer. This type of software allows the hardware and other types of software to interact effectively and function The major software that falls under this category is the operating system while the lesser software that fall under this class are the drivers.

The utility software are software that are used to maintain and protect the system of the computer but it should be noted that these software do not have a direct interaction with the hardware. Examples of such software include the firewalls, the antivirus software and the disk defragmenters among others.

The applications software mostly known as the apps are software that are designed to give the user a hand in effecting specific tasks. These are the common software that users interact with daily. These software include the web browsers, the office software, games, music and video players among others. These are the software that make users buy computers and they have no hand in the management and maintenance of the computer system.

The other classification criteria brings out two types of software that is the generic and the bespoke types of software. The generic software are produced in large numbers and are designed to be used by a wide variety of users in different contexts. The bespoke software on the other hand are software that are designed for specific contexts and for specific tasks.